FEM on the move, by Sophie Leuliette

françaisFEM en marche

nederlandseFEM in opmars

FEM on the move … a long walk under the sign of a story, of their history

The story of these women who support and help each other in the tests of life « alone, but all together ».

A long line of a work for the artist who advances with its sculpture, creation and collection.

A story between the people she meets, meetings that place a small stone on the road of FEM: Sculpture, models, staging, photography, promotion and exhibition of the project … a magic emulsion, an artistic cohesion that gives birth to a project: that of Chantal Cheuva. A project out of the ordinary, which is not only the creation of her work but also the construction of a workspace, at a given time, a concept and a message.

The sculptures of Chantal Cheuva provokes, invokes and delights

Chantal links her emotions with the gestures of her sculpture, with the representation of a posture she creates the motions, she sculpts quickly so as not to lose the instant moment.

A talented contemporary artist, a representative of the connections between the people of our time, a project currently to be discovered in galleries and art fairs.

Sophie Leuliette, January 2018
Gallerist at the Château-Estaimbourg Gallery, Belgium.