FEM on the move, by Véronique Dalle

françaisFEM en marche

nederlandseFEM in opmars

FEM, the revelations of a great sculptor.

Breaths of humanity, these women are beautiful and humble in their nakedness.  So magnificence! So moving, these women are always on the move. They carry their children, they are life carriers, these women are the carriers of the future.

There are no tragedies in her works, but only of sweetness and tenderness.

This sculptor knows the woman very well instinctively, in the gesture and size of her work. Her work is fast, almost like a sketched out, and with the right volume, forms and shapes. It is the strength of great sculptors to deform their work without making an error of anatomy: parts of the body are always in their place, that’s how to recognized a great sculptor.  And if their hands and feet are oversized this is to show their anchor in life.

Chantal CHEUVA comes from this land of the Flanders where expressionism is inherent to the people who live there. Let us not attach her work to the arts that exalt suffering, but rather to a happy and peaceful Flemish serenity. And if humanity  was femininity ? Chantal CHEUVA has touched her in the depths of her intimacy.

The statues are worked in clay, then plaster and cast in bronze by Sara de Groeve in Merelbeke (B), Chantal CHEUVA controls all the production of “FEMMES EN MARCHE”, the beautiful nuanced patina is reserved by the caster for her work.

FEM,  they are numerous today, walking.  Chantal CHEUVA likes to work in series, and soon there will be more joining the group whispering between them the emotion of the moment.

By Véronique Dalle, Art expert
Gallerist at the Galerie Collégiale – Lille
Member of the professional committee of art galleries.